Learning More About Denture Solutions
June 5, 2023 BullseyeBlogs

Learning More About Denture Solutions

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Exercise Senior Aubrey TXIf you are in need of a whole-mouth solution, talk to your dentist about your options in replacement. We can help you to smile with confidence after tooth loss with custom prosthetics from our team of skilled oral health professionals. In addition to traditional dentures, we also offer implant-retained overdentures, which is a helpful solution that takes advantage of implant technology. Through the use of a set number of implant posts, a whole-mouth prosthetic can give you a strong foundation for your new dentures.

Talk to our team in Aubrey, TX about all of the possibilities that are available to you in replacing an entire set of teeth. We understand that this subject can be sensitive for some, so we want to help you to have the knowledge you need to find a solution that works for your smile. Whether you decide on traditional or implant-supported dentures, we can help you to ease into your new solution. We can also help you to replace your ill-fitting current dentures with a more comfortable and secure prosthetic, so give us a call today!

A New Set Of Dentures Can Help You To Regain Your Confidence In Your Smile

The move to dentures might seem overwhelming at first, so know that we are here to help you to make the change from natural teeth to a prosthodontic solution. If you are looking to replace your old or ill-fitting prosthetics, we are also here to help you reach a more comfortable bite. Talk to our team about your options in whole-mouth tooth replacement, and start your path toward a more positive dentistry.

Ask Your Dentist About The Advantages Of Using Implant Technology To Secure A Denture Solution

If you are in need of a new or replacement denture, talk to your provider about how advancements in implant technology have brought changes to the world of prosthodontics. Implant-retained overdentures are quickly becoming an increasingly popular solution for people in need of a whole-mouth replacement solution. We can help you through this process!

You might be wondering how dental implants can serve as a foundation for your new dentures. This option starts with the placement of sturdy titanium posts within the bone of your jaw. Titanium is used because of its special properties; your body will treat this threaded metal post as if it were your own material. Your dentures will attach to these connections, giving you a strong bite. Speak with your provider about all of the advantages of implant-retained dentures at your next appointment.

Schedule Your Consultation For Dentures In Aubrey, TX

When you need a full mouth restoration solution, talk to our team about your options. Give us a call at The Aubrey Dentist in Aubrey, TX at (940)208-1900 for more information or to schedule your next appointment!