Full Arch Fixed Prothesis

Tooth loss can take away your confidence and limit your diet options. In time, it can cause progressively worse problems for your bite function and overall oral health. Fortunately, the right treatment can resolve these issues and significantly improve your quality of life after tooth loss. 

You can rely on a fixed implant prosthesis to restore your smile after tooth loss. This solution relies on a limited number of dental implants that can be trusted to permanently secure your custom prosthetic. The arrangement can provide more comfort and welcome cosmetic benefits; in time, it can also better preserve your health by preserving your jawbone density and helping you maintain a healthier, more varied diet.

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What Can Restorative Treatment Really Provide for Someone Affected by Tooth Loss?

With a fixed implant prosthesis, we can take on the cosmetic and oral health issues that are linked to tooth loss. By placing a dental bridge that is permanently held in place, we can offer a solution that gives you a smile that looks natural and attractive. The stability of this arrangement also helps you gain back more bite support, which means you can enjoy a more varied, healthier diet. In the long term, stimulation that your implants produce will encourage the movement of nutrients to the jawbone and prevent gradual deterioration.

How Is a Fixed Implant Prosthesis Placed?

Through careful planning and the right placement strategy, a limited number of dental implants can hold a dental bridge in place permanently. We will perform a close evaluation of your jawbone and oral structures to assess your bone health and select the ideal positions and angles for the implants that you receive. You may be surprised to learn that a full dental arch can be supported with just six smartly placed implants!

Following the placement procedure, you will be given time for recovery. Implants are made with biocompatible titanium alloy, so your surrounding jaw tissues will fuse to them while you heal, providing a remarkably strong hold. At the recommended time, you will return to our office to have your prosthesis fixed in position.

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Learn How a Fixed Implant Prosthesis Provided by The Aubrey Dentist Can Benefit You!

With a fixed implant prosthesis, you can regain important bite support, feel more comfortable with your restored smile, and enjoy lasting oral health benefits. To find out more about this solution to tooth loss, please contact our dental practice at (940) 208-1900.