When Implant Dentistry Is Recommended
March 6, 2023 BullseyeBlogs

When Implant Dentistry Is Recommended

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woman with happy smile implant dentistry conceptWhen you look at the different impacts tooth loss can have on your health and quality of life, it can be easy to see why patients are eager to look at prosthetic treatment options. What may surprise you is just how much the right solution can do to improve your health along with your appearance! Our Aubrey, TX dental office is prepared to take care of you whether you have one missing tooth or more significant losses to address. Implant dentistry makes it possible for you to keep permanent restorations in place so that you feel more comfortable throughout the day. This arrangement also gives you a more stable bite as well as stimulation that will help you maintain the health and density of your jaw.

What Can The Right Prosthesis Really Do To Address Your Tooth Loss?

When you lose teeth, you experience a number of cosmetic and oral health hardships; unfortunately, the problems can grow over time when the matter is not addressed. You can have a tougher time maintaining a healthy diet because of reduced biting and chewing capacities. Over time, a loss of jawbone density is also a concern. This change can affect plans to restore your complete smile, and it can cause new concerns about your appearance and health.

Having Your Full Smile Restored Through Implant Dentistry

Implant dentistry responds to the different consequences of tooth loss that you can experience. In doing so, this solution can provide more benefits than other prosthodontic options. The implant itself is directly set in your jawbone so that it can hold your restoration in position; because it is made from biocompatible titanium, the surrounding bone tissues will fuse to it as you recover after the placement procedure. After you recover, you will have a personalized prosthesis secured to the implant.

Preserving Your Oral Health After Your Smile Has Been Restored

By responding to tooth loss with the placement and restoration of a dental implant, you can enjoy renewed confidence in your smile as well as your bite function. Having this support means regaining the ability to bite and chew through tougher, nutrient-dense foods that you had to give up before your procedure. It also means stimulating the jawbone to keep it from deteriorating. To confirm that your procedure continues to provide the right benefits, your dentist will evaluate the appliance and implant during your general dental exams and cleanings.

Talk To Your Aubrey, TX Dentist About Implant Dentistry!

Through implant dentistry, we can give patients back their confidence in how they look, and we can respond to the oral health difficulties that arise when tooth loss occurs. If you would like to learn more about how we can take care of you, call The Aubrey Dentist at (940) 208-1900.