General Dentistry


We are amalgam free dental office. No more “silver” fillings that turn black over time. We provide tooth-colored composite fillings which bond to the tooth surface and look natural.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy (RCT) is recommended when dental decay has extended close enough to the pulp (nerve) of the tooth to introduce bacteria to the pulp which eventually results in infection. Also removing such a large decay could cause permanent irritation to the pulp because the instrumentation of removing the decay or the final restoration is too close to the pulp – RCT would be recommended in this case too.
When a tooth is broken or fractured, sometimes it is possible to treat and save the tooth, but RCT may be recommended to ensure patient will not experience pain afterward.

When a patient experiences severe and prolonged dental pain, it is important to come in for an exam because this can indicate oncoming dental infection which can lead to swelling and abscess.

Swelling can be life threatening and may cost an expensive visit to the ER. Most dental infections/swellings can be treated by RCT and incision & drainage at The Aubrey Dentist.


Crowns & Bridges

Crown is the recommended restorative option when a tooth is fractured or broken or missing 50% or more of its structure due to a chip or decay.
Bridge is essentially multiple crowns splinted together and cemented as one unit. Bridge is a restorative option that can fix multiple teeth and replace missing teeth.


When a patient’s teeth have been removed due to trauma or dental decay, Complete Denture is a traditional means to replace the teeth. Implant-retained Overdenture is another treatment option that affords more comfort and confidence during talking and eating because the overdenture is stabilized by implants.

Partial denture is made with metal framework and has clasps that go around patient’s teeth for stability. Partial denture is removeable (i.e. patient can take it out and put it back in) and is a relatively affordable option to replace several missing teeth.

Thrilled denture patients!



Custom Denture Patient

Custom Dentures

Custom Denture Patient
Custom Denture Patient


The Aubrey Dentist will always try to treat and save your teeth if possible. However, if the tooth is severely broken down due to decay or trauma or if the tooth is loose due to chronic periodontal disease, it makes more sense to extract the tooth.

Wisdom tooth

If a patient does not have enough room for the 3rd molars (“wisdom teeth”) to erupt fully, a number of issues can occur. Wisdom teeth that are impacted should be removed before their root structure is fully developed and more difficult to remove. Problems with wisdom teeth may occur with increasing frequency after the age of 25.
Problems related to wisdom teeth include –

• Build up of bacteria and infection
• Damage to adjacent tooth
• Dental crowding
• Cyst formation

We offer nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” if you have dental anxiety and need help to calm the nerves before and during the procedure.

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